Sports Hall

A versatile indoor sports facility available for a wide range of uses

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From karate classes to five-a-side, from badminton to basketball, Whitley Bay High's sports hall is the perfect location for any indoor sports/fitness class or activity you're planning


Whitley Bay High's sports hall is a large indoor sporting facility suitable for a wide range of uses. The hall includes markings and equipment for basketball, football and badminton and is also ideal for any sports club/fitness class that requires a large indoor venue.

Dimensions for our sports hall are:

  • Width: 24m
  • Length: 33m

Conditions: All bookings require completion of a letting agreement confirming acceptance of the terms and conditions set out in the Hiring of Premises Policy. A copy of this policy is available upon request.


Monday - Thursday 5pm - 9.30pm
Friday - 5pm - 8pm
Weekends - 8am - 4pm
School holidays 8.30am - evening closure as outlined above

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When you hire services or facilities at Whitley Bay High School, you are not just accessing fantastic amenities. Because every penny spent goes toward the development of our school, you’re also directly benefiting our pupils and the community you live in.

We do not profit from the money you pay to hire our services and facilities. Instead, we invest the income generated right back into our school — ensuring it remains a safe, enjoyable, and outstanding place of education for young people.

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