About our School

Our school is a happy, welcoming centre of education for the young people in our community. Become part of our successful school by hiring our facilities.

Learning for Life, Learning for Work.

At Whitley Bay High School, we have a distinct ethos built on very positive relationships. We believe that every pupil should develop their love of life-long learning and become eternally curious adults with high self-esteem.

Through letting our facilities, you will be supporting us in our mission to provide outstanding teaching and careful support for all our students throughout their school life. We are proud of the academic and extra-curricular success that our students achieve and are determined to help every student fulfil their potential.

We work in close partnership with our community - you - and believe this relationship is crucial to the success of our students.

Support our School

When you hire services or facilities at Whitley Bay High School, you are not just accessing fantastic amenities. Because every penny spent goes toward the development of our school, you’re also directly benefiting our pupils and the community you live in.

We do not profit from the money you pay to hire our services and facilities. Instead, we invest the income generated right back into our school — ensuring it remains a safe, enjoyable, and outstanding place of education for young people.

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